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Sailloft Mission 21



7 battens / 8 battens -> 9,3
Medium AeroSleeve Mastsleeve
2 L-ProCams
4 mil XPLY 
Super soft rotation

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Racing performance with freerace handling

Our new freerace sail MISSION is practically the “little” brother of our 2021 ULTIMATE Pro-Racing sail.

We have implemented all the development steps for our World Cup racing sail with the new Freeracer.

The new outline with a slimmer, tighter top ensures more efficient aerodynamics and lets you accelerate again in the gusts. The result is maximum speed with full control.

We have adapted the profile course to the latest findings from the development of racing sails. Lower profile under the boom for more power and lower sail pressure point, flatter profile in the middle of the sail for more control at the limit.

This makes the Mission noticeably faster and is now even easier to hold. You will be amazed how comfortable top speed can be achieved with the Mission.

We have also taken over the construction of the medium AeroSleeve mast pocket. A larger proportion of X-ply improves the flow and tightens the driving behavior. We have of course retained the soft rotation of the 2 ProCams.

You will be amazed how easily this sail gets you on plane and leads to new speed records. Without the knowledge and skills of a pro, you can be at the forefront with the MISSON in the fun race or on the regatta course.

Seil Størrelse

5.6, 6.3, 7.0, 7.8, 8.6, 9.3


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