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MK1 Slalom



The Tribal Slalom MK1 gives you total confidence and offers a range so wide that you never get caught out! The Tribal line is just that. Serious R&D based on windsurfing optimized Tribal profiles, has led to an unsurpassed performance in a G10 fin.


G10 as a material has some serious advantages. Durability is outstanding; it can tolerate being driven through a sand bank without too much consequence, and with an easy ability to clean up the damage and restore it like new. Moulded composite fins on the other hand usually suffer much more from such accidents. The Tribal G10 slalom line offers the ultimate performance in an upright configuration.

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We have developed a new profile range using advanced CFD software developed in-house, to specifically match the conditions experienced by windsurfers, without any drag penalty over a conventional design.

See the following graph (in gallery) which compares standard foil designs with the Tribal design.

It shows clearly that the Tribal design offers significantly more power at the lower speeds for the same surface area, and holds the lift out to the highest speeds of the conventional design.What this means is that we can use a smaller Tribal fin compared to others, and since we have now dropped the surface area, the drag has also dropped in proportion! Alternatively, if we use the same size Tribal fin, you will find that it “turns on” much earlier, and has much less chance to spin-out in difficult conditions. So you get to speed much faster!

A clear example of this is in the direction the industry has taken with regard to large area speed fins. This big area is a necessity with the profiles they used. Our designs have a smaller area for the same length because we get more lift capability in that area, and lower drag at the highest speeds, whilst maintaining even greater stability.

Tribal finner

DTB 42cm, TB 34cm, TB 36cm, TB 38cm, TB 40cm


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