PULS Compact 3.0


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Compact 3.0


81 / 86 / 91 / 96 / 101 / 106

A proud representative of the new school, more trick-oriented style of waveriding. Easy planing and snappy turns in small and medium-sized waves characterise this board best. A short, compact outline provides great maneuverability and huge wind-range.
Our Compact 3.0 got a more versalile outline,  more strait rails in the back for better waterflow and is equipped with 5 slotboxes for even more flexible. The truster setup makes the board faster, the quad setup gives you more control. The board become a little bit more narrower in the center for better stability in the air and hence we added some volume under the front foot for better planing. The rounded nose helps to cut through the wave.

– Vee into double concave in mono concave
into Vee bottom shape
– low volume rails
– compact outline
– fast rocker
– multifin setup
– side fins with slight toe
– swallow tail

Brett type

Black 2.0 tech, Platinum 3.0, Pure Black, Silver 3.0 tech, Titan


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